Mentor, Coach, Guide

You deserve to have an expert who is both practical and visionary: 

  • I am a seasoned guide.
  • I am creative, effective and grounded. 
  • I offer myself as a trusted advisor to help you hone in on your own wisdom with accuracy and warmth.   
  • My years of experience and expertise offer you a sure track to fulfilling your dreams. 

Why I Use the Word "Mentor" 
I use the word mentor instead of coach. The word “mentor” reaches back to antiquity. I like that it has such a long and rich history. The old Greek story is that the goddess Athena, patroness of the Arts and Industry, assumed the form of the wise old man Mentor and “guided” a young Telemachus through numerous harrowing adventures to be reunited with his father and to claim his birthright—his destiny. And Yes—YOU are on an adventure—the adventure of your life to claim your destiny 

  • The word Mentor speaks to that fundamental relationship we humans naturally need to express our true nature and deeply live our lives. 
  • As a Mentor I offer encouragement, practicality, wisdom and experience. 
  • I’m on your side and I’ll guide you to your goal. 

People Who Are Highly Successful At Life Have Mentors

In every aspect of your personal or professional life you can be mentored. 

Mentors provide a limitless array of support. This could be anything from helping you launch a business, refining your résumé, or accompanying you on a date to see how you are coming across in the pursuit of your desired relationship. 

When you consider that as far as you know you only have one life—do you want to spend it trying to get in the game of life—or would you rather have a guide take you in? 

Whatever your interpretation of success, a mentor can get you there faster with the least amount of effort.

What Is A Mentor?

Repeating Patterns of Stuckness Stops Us From Living Fully

Why most of us have difficulty in fulfilling our dreams comes down to a few simple but undermining perceptions of reality. These perceptions create predictable outcomes that we soon conclude to be the only outcomes possible. We keep trying to either do or not do things the only way we believe they will happen, and when it does not work we give up trying. When we are mired in these perceptions of reality: 
  • We get stuck and lose hope
  • We do not know how to accurately articulate our dreams,
  • We lack the knowledge of how to bring our dreams into reality.
  • We have preconceived notions that remain untested.
This is Where a Mentor Comes In! 

A mentor helps you shift from stuckness and regret so the simplicity of living your dreams can begin. In most situations, it is your perceptions that are keeping you from fulfilling your dreams. This is why you are not getting the results that you want or the same results you don't want over and over again. A mentor: 
  • Helps you evaluate your perceptions, beliefs, fears and assumptions.
  • Does this by helping you accurately research, investigate, and verify the validity and authenticity of them.
  • Is a person who offers information, inspiration, and guidance.
  • Offers it in a way that challenges your perception of the world around you.
  • Expands and defines your options . . .
  • . . . while expecting you to make your own decisions.

A Mentor Helps You Keep the Well of Creativity Flowing, Take Step by Step Actions, Refine Your Structure, Realize Your Dreams

I will help you learn how to find information or the people with information that you need, and evaluate the authenticity of the information. Information is the pump that keeps the well of creativity flowing. Once you have your well of information and creativity flowing

  • I'll help you develop a strategy-structure and put it into practice.
  • This structure is an emotional, intellectual and experiential blueprint or schematic that contains the design of your dreams.
  • This is your plan of action that is broken down into smaller units and sequentially placed into action.
  • The size of the units are increased as you develop mastery.
  • I'll guide you to stay on the edge of your comfort level so you are not over- or under- exerting your energy.
  • We'll celebrate and keep you maintaining energy and momentum.
  • I'll continue to motivate you to stay with your strategy-structure until completion. This means following a course of action and staying on track.
  • As you move in the direction of your dreams, more information will become available through this process of defeating inertia and increasing momentum. This new information is incorporated into the strategy-structure and put into action as well.
  • We will then be fine-tuning your action plan when optimum momentum and speed have been reached. The accuracy of the entire process is refined to optimum performance and maintenance.

Self Love-The Most Important Thing

I get asked the question as a professional mentor: 

  • “What’s the most important advice you can give?” The answer to it always seems to catch people off guard. It is simply this: “Self Love.” 

It’s very difficult to figure out which path to take in your life in the absence of self love. You absolutely have to love yourself. At a minimum you have to at least like yourself, because what’s the point of fulfilling your dreams if you don’t love yourself. Besides, you will create the fulfillment of your dreams like a vessel, that in the absence of self love, you will not be able to inhabit. We’re not talking about being conceited or self-centered here. We are talking about being in contact with the wellspring from which everything flows: Love.